Homogène |The Eighth Episode

The eighth episode is now online ! Episode 8: Maude / Celebrating our difference. “If I’m happy and I’m not hurting anyone by being happy, there is no problem. I think our goal will truly be achieved when parades won’t … »


LSTW @ Fitzroy | 24/02/15

With the success of the monthly event “Où sont les femmes?” we have decided to offer a second option to the community. With a “beer garden” style, the Fitzroy is a super interesting place! Providing food, drinks, pool tables and … »

Kaki King at Festival “Montréal en Lumière”

Kaki King. If this name doesn’t already strike a chord, it’s certainly one that you should get to know. I don’t care how you do it, just do it. Look her up. Give it a listen. And I promise you … »


Interview | Get to know Équipe Montréal

*Translation to come. Nous sommes fières d’annoncer que LSTW débute une collaboration avec l’organisation Équipe Montréal. La prochaine soirée « Où sont les femmes? » servira à solidifier ce partenariat en proposant un petit sondage aux filles présentes. Faire le … »


“Où sont les femmes?” | 18/02/15

What a night… again! LSTW works hard to offer diversified events especially made for the community. A 6 to 8+++ for the ladies, once a month… (more like 6pm to midnight!) Thanks to DJ MARY HELL & RAG from Paris! … »


Homogène | The Seventh Episode

The seventh episode is now online ! Episode 7: Marie-Hélène / Accepting my difference. “I accept it well today, really, but I don’t think my lifetime will be long enough to fully accept it. […] Generally, the worst homophobia you … »

Podcast #6 | LSTW & DJ TIZI

Listen to the new LSTW’s podcast mixed by DJ TIZI Release Date: February 20th 2015 Subscribe to DJ Tizi for more exclusive DJ sets, mixes, new music, and events: www.facebook.com/djtizimtl ** Follow DJ TIZI on: www.facebook.com/djtizimtl www.instagram.com/djtizi www.youtube.com/thesubliminalkid ** —————————————-­­­­—– … »


22:22 | Album launch at Stereo Nightclub

Ariane Moffatt launches her new album, 22h22, on March 10th. Stereo Nightclub Afterhours 858, Ste-Catherine Est, Montréal Free and open to all As an exceptional event, Stereo Night Club will be opening it’s doors during the early evening hours to … »


FEMININ/FEMININ available on ICI Tou.tv

Since last Thursday, you can watch the first season of the webseries FEMININ/FEMININ on ICI Tou.tv. FÉMININ/FÉMININ has reached over 800 000 views since its launch on femininfeminin.com in 2014. Eight episodes from its first season appear on ICI tou.tv, … »



Homogène | The Sixth Episode

The sixth episode is now online ! Episode 6 : Guillaume / Working with difference. “Insuring a respectful environment is fundamental. If there are isolated incidents, it’s important to respond strictly in order to show that it’s not accepted in … »


Barbi(e)turix & LSTW | Long distance love

Exclusive content / French original version from Barbi(e)turix, Paris. Un océan nous sépare… Et pourtant ! La relation longue distance entre Barbi(e)turix et Lez Spread The Word s’intensifie avec la perspective de collaborations lesbiennes nappées de sirop d’érable. Et pour … »



Watch the trailer for “Freeheld”

Directed by Peter Sollett, Julianne Moore and Ellen Page star in Academy Award winner, Cynthia Wade’s “Freeheld”. This feature length film is based on the 2007 documentary by the same name. It tells the tragic story of a woman who … »


Become a GRIS volunteer

Now celebrating their 20th anniversary, throughout the years GRIS has sought out to demystify homosexuality and bisexuality in schools. Each year, as a part of their mission, GRIS recruits new engaging and motivated volunteers to speak in classrooms. Undoing many … »


Homogène | The Fifth Episode

The fifth episode is now online ! Episode 5 : Kim Alex / Emerging from difference. “I’ve always taken care of those who are younger than me. It comes naturally to me. Actually, I don’t really see myself without kids.” … »


Sex and the City | The Queer Remix!

YouTube, is amazing! You’re a Sex and the City fan? Whether it’s Carrie, Miranda, Samantha or Charlotte, you dreamed of a lesbian storyline? This video is for you! Pop Culture Pirate is the digital home of Elisa Kreisinger, a Brooklyn-based … »