Homogène | The fourth episode

The fourth episode is now online ! Episode 4 : Jill & Émilie / Loving your difference. “It feels the same way that it feels for anybody who’s falling in love, you meet somebody amazing…” – Jill, Homogen. “Every girl … »


Photos | New monthly event at Fitzroy

With the success of the monthly event “Où sont les femmes?” we have decided to offer a second option to the community. With a “beer garden” style, the Fitzroy is a super interesting place! Providing food, drinks, pool tables and … »

It’s winter in Quebec and we’re freezing!

What’s a girl to do when it’s -40 ℃ outside, when re-runs of 30 vies are over and when we you now know who Laurie is in Mémoires vives? What can be done with you’ve just binge watched season 2 … »


FEM/FEM | Writing season 2 for TV!

It’s officiel! We just started working on the second season of FÉMININ/FÉMININ! This time, for television! We cannot share details right now… But stay tuned! More news coming up! With more than 750 000 views since its launch in 2014, … »



BBX | Interview with Lena Willikens

///Interview from Barbi(e)turix, Paris | France\\\ Lena Willikens, is beyond a doubt the hidden gem of the burgeoning German music scene. Ranging between the reminiscent sound of the somewhat obscure and psychedelically melodious music of the 80’s and the modern, … »


Homogène | The Third episode

The third episode is now online ! Episode 3 : Antoine / Respecting your difference. “You end up with a big build-up of rage that you have to deal with and unravel. The daily harassment carves something into your genetic … »


Pink Pearl event at Atame

Self-Proclaimed the evening for Montreal’s sexiest women, PINK PEARL aims to bring together women in a lustful ambiance. The meeting place: ATAME aphrodisiac restaurant. Located on Duluth, close to St -Denis, this restaurant was established in 2013, with a mission … »

Photo : Jo Gorsky


Ariane Moffatt | 22h22 | First single

Ariane Moffatt drops the first single from her fifth upcoming album which will be released on March 10th. Here is the chorus of this wonderfully catchy new song: J’ai besoin de toi c’est tout J’ai besoin de nous c’est comme … »



“Où sont les femmes?” | 15/01/15

What a night… again! LSTW works hard to offer diversified events especially made for the community. A 6 to 8+++ for the ladies, once a month… (more like 6pm to midnight!) Thanks to DJ MARY HELL! https://soundcloud.com/mary-hell Our events bring … »


“Homogène” | The Second Episode

The second episode is now online ! Episode 2 : Karl / Understanding difference. “The common idea of a homosexual is a man who wears tight clothing, who speaks in a feminine manner and who carries a purse… What we … »


Watch it this winter | Transparent

Produced by Amazon, the series Transparent portrays the life of a Los Angeles family whose father is transgender. The latter is played by the excellent Jeffrey Tambor, you may know him from the series Arrested Development (I don’t know about … »


LSTW | New monthly event at Fitzroy

*Translation to come. Avec le succès des soirées mensuelles « Où sont les femmes? », nous avons décidé d’offrir une deuxième option à la communauté. De style « beer garden », le Fitzroy est un endroit hyper intéressant! Bouffe, drinks, … »


Documentary Series | “Homogène”

The documentary series HOMOGEN, directed by Isabelle Courville and co-produced by Kim Alex Larochelle, delivers an intimate portrait of the Quebec gay and lesbian community. More than two years since the beginning of the filming process, the series is now … »



Instagram: Ten accounts to follow

*Translation to come. Contenu inspiré du top 10 de Barbi(e)turix: Sorte de journal intime photographique, la plateforme Instagram est devenue l’accessoire 4.0 incontournable. Avec autant de défauts que de qualités – avoir son fil rempli de mésaventures niaiseuses et pixelisées … »


Review of 2014 | Lesbian Edition

*Translation to come. 2014: une année chargée en émotions! Nous avons donc décidé de concocter une liste de quelques-uns des événements marquants de la scène lesbienne locale et internationale. Douze mois de visibilité au féminin et de grandes annonces! Les … »