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Through the Lens – Gaëlle Elma

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It is through photography that Gaëlle Elma found her voice, overcame internalized racism and challenged harmful conceptions on blackness and women’s bodies.

The self-taught photographer portrays her subjects with an honesty and vulnerability that is often lacking in the media. Gaëlle aspires to depict the often neglected subtle and complex intersectionalities of POC lives.

Here are some images from lstw magazine latest’s issue no4. We invite you to Never Apart’s opening of its winter exhibitions of 2020, whose themes highlight several Afro-Diasporic artists (including Gaëlle’s work) on the occasion of Black History Month, as well as artists exploring the themes of migration, borders and more.

January 16th 2020
Never Apart (7049 St-Urbain, Montreal)



* To follow Gaëlle Elma on Instagram : @gaelleelma

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