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Atelier Pierre Thibault – Nature as Inspiration

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This past holiday, we discovered a design and architecture webseries that may be of interest to many of you. Co-produced by Caroline Galipeau and architect Pierre Thibault, this seven episode series is a wonderful presentation of the many different aspects of creation and construction. ON EST 10 production house chose La Fabrique Culturelle in first launching the project.

A concern for the environment, a unique vision of the land and a preoccupation with creating spaces that are well adapted to the needs of every client, are a few points that weigh heavily in every stage of production for the Atelier Pierre Thibault and his collaborators.

Whether it is by means of a trip to Peru to find famed architect Jean-Pierre Crousse and study Peruvian buildings, or by travelling to Quebec and braving the dead of winter to visit the Grands-Jardins National Park in Charlevoix, the shows creators go above and beyond in demonstrating the impact that humans have on the land.

“Construction is one of the most important things that a society does and can do. It permanently alters the land and changes our interactions, perceptions and usages of it”, states Pierre Thibault.

About La Fabrique culturelle

La Fabrique Culturelle is a Télé-Québec production. It is the only multidisciplinary, cultural web platform entirely devoted to providing Quebec content. Amazing in its support of Quebec talent, there are ten regional offices throughout Quebec, around a hundred partners in the cultural scene and thousands of community members who support the production. To date, La Fabrique Culturelle has produced over 4 000 videos. Furthermore, the web page has been visited over 2.5 million times among which 1.5 million visits are from users all around Quebec.

Please visit La Fabrique Culturelle’s website to watch episodes:

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