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We want to give more visibility to lesbian communities and create a new Canadian voice on the international stage.

There’s still a long way to go for LGBTQ rights and that’s why it’s important to continue the work.

From coast to coast, scores of women are making a difference and advancing the cause in their own way.

The magazine will be a reflection of our explorations, and an intimate portrait of Canadian lesbian communities. It’s about diversity, bilingualism and authenticity. It’s about positive role models and greater visibility.

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Sahara Baldwin

Afrofururism emerged in the 90s as the new millennium was coming around and there was a distinct interest in the aesthetics of technology within Black communities. In image arts, specifically fashion...

Lesbian Visibility Day in Montreal

Created in 1982, the Lesbian Visibility Day is still relevant. With this event, the goal is to bring together LGBTQ women and provide a...

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