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Barbara Hammer’s work presented in Montreal

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La Cinémathèque Québécoise launches its fall programming with lots of interesting activities during September and October.

Including a series of works by the artist Barbara Hammer!

Barbara Jean Hammer (May 15, 1939 – March 16, 2019) was an American feminist filmmaker known for being one of the pioneers of lesbian film whose career spanned over 50 years. She is considered a pioneer of queer cinema. Hammer is known for having created experimental films dealing with women’s issues such as gender roles, lesbian relationships and coping with aging and family.

Barbara Hammer / La Cinémathèque Québécoise:

– September 9th at 9pm: Prints courtesy of the academy film archive (short films)

– September 14th at 5:30pm: Nitrate Kisses

– September 19th at 7pm: Audience (33 minutes) + Tender Fictions (60 minutes)

– September 21st at 7pm: History Lessons

To learn more about the series: Cliquez ici.


Dyketactics & Other Films from the 1970’s by Barbara Hammer from barbara hammer on Vimeo.

Photo collage by: Another Gaze

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