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EMY ARMOR – Empowering through fashion

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/ Tell us a bit about yourself?

Well I am a 25 year old entrepreneur who has her own online business which I am very proud of. I am a very creative person that enjoys using fashion and style as tools for my creative expression and so building a business around that was always the dream. For years I never found the right medium in which to express my creativity but I always had been interested in fashion and out of all the categories to shop from accessories always caught my attention. I came to the realization one night that my love for accessories and my passion for creativity were two elements meant to compliment one another.

The outcome of this moment of insight was EMY ARMOR. In my opinion FASHION is what someone chooses to wear and STYLE is the attitude you bring to your look and how you carry yourself as a person. It is this very way of thinking that is implemented in my business and it is very much what makes my brand unique. I define my fashion as avant-garde, while I define my style to be always; grounded, kind hearted and peaceful. The two together (I have been told) make people curious about me because they have a hard time labeling me, which I quite enjoy.

/ What is the idea behind EMY ARMOR?

The focus of my work is creating custom body harnesses that bring out an individual’s personality through their style. The concept behind my brand was to develop accessories that complete and make an outfit stand out more than a necklace or bracelet could. I wanted to develop an accessory that can be worn by people with different Fashion senses and in the process still allow them to express their styles differently. What I love about my brand is that; it is not defined as FEMININE or MASCULINE like most accessories are. Instead I define my brand as HAUTE COUTURE and AVANT-GARDE. It is meant to elevate any ones look from ordinary to exceptional through accessorizing. An important aspect of my brand is probably the significance behind the word ARMOR. ARMOR is the best way to define my creations.

My accessories are ARMOR harnesses meant to accentuate different parts of the body and create a statement presence. They are accessories meant to make an individual feel empowered by wearing something bold that is in a way an extension of themselves. This being said, my brand is not about “seeking attention”. Instead it’s about giving an individual an accessory that they can use to express themselves and stand out in a way that they feel comfortable and confident doing so. It is not an accessory for just special occasions and it is not an accessory for a specific age group. It is simply a brand that allows people to express their fashion and styles in a unique way and on a day to day bases.

/ How would you define your clientele?

My clients are simply individuals that want something unique and of high quality. They want a brand that is exclusive and not part of the mass recycled fashion market. I would also say that my clients are those who seek a brand that can help them express themselves in a unique fashionable way.

/ Which emotions trigger your creativity?

When creating the only emotion I feel is JOY. I enjoy being creative and when I make a new EMY ARMOR harness, I get excited at the endless possibilities my new work can bring someone when it comes to accessorizing. For some this may sound funny but for me it is much deeper. I feel EMPOWERED to know that I can create a product that anyone can wear and feel exceptional while wearing it. To be able to create something that intern allows someone to express a part of themselves is such a great experience and accomplishment for me personally. As a creator I believe that I inspire others to look at things differently and to embrace the idea of TRANSFORMATIONS. My work allows me to share this enthusiasm by creating unique pieces that have no boundaries for the person wearing them. This intern inspires individuals to explore different versions of themselves through their own style.

/ How does your concept reflect with the lesbian community?

For me personally I don’t believe the business I built has anything to do with the lesbian community. I was born a creative person and I was determined to build a business around my creativity. However, I have seen the most diverse forms of both FASHION and STYLE expressions in the lesbian community as well as other communities. Being opened and paying attention to the different ways in which people from different communities chooses to express themselves in their FASHION; is critical for my brand. I do believe that being exposed to these different modes of FASHION have pushed my creativity further than someone who only pays attention to “the hottest present trends”. It is because of this way of thinking and experiencing FASHION as an INDIVIDUAL unique experience, that my brand offers such diversity in it’s ARMOR selections.

/ Who are the creators that inspire you?

I am often inspired by fashion designers such as: GIVENCHI, MCM, PRADA and MOSCHINO. These Loud fashion brands inspire me creatively by making me constantly think outside the box. I can also be inspired by simply looking at a person’s clothing. When I find an outfit that stands out I tend to analyze the form and structure of the look. Sometimes just by doing so I get inspired to create an EMY ARMOR that would compliment and finish the look.

/ Do women look out for each other in the business world?

The honest answer to this question from my experience is 50/50. I have met some great, intelligent, accomplished woman that have given me great business advise. But I have also met woman equally accomplished and successful that chose to express negativity towards my business and where I see the future of my business going. I find that because of the way society was built, it has conditioned woman to think of each other as competition.

It’s as if society has taught woman that; there is only a small place in the world for woman to be successful. Of course I do not solely blame society for the negative woman out there trying to hold others back. I think the other part that plays a role is the QUALITY of a person. If you are a negative person by nature then you will spread negativity. But if you are a confident and positive individual, you will extend a kindness that can possibly change a life… and I am FOR changing lives.

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