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Faubourg Simone – Feels like you are in Paris

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From visiting Barbi(e)turix in Paris, we developped an habit: listening to the webradio Faubourg Simone. Created by french girls, the radio innovates with its creative process and musical identity.

“Create a radio that I love listening to”

Everything started in 2011 when Stephanie, tired of listening to the same old radio stations, left everything to start a different kind of radio: no publicity, hard work and originality. Originally from Paris, Stephanie is the voice, the tone and the ear of Simone, soon joined by Nathalie, the safeguard of a crazy project.

Faubourg Simone is local and accessible. It makes you feel like you are in Paris for a while, whether you are at the office or while enjoying a soirée with friends.

Mood of the day, playlists… the website is user friendly and well structured.

Some classics, fresh beats and daily news.


Every Sunday, Le P’tit Marché. Beside tomatoes, carrots and wood boxes, Simone presents its “petit marché”! All kinds of material: vintage, forgotten and some totally off the wall. Retro time!

On Wednesdays and Fridays!: NEWS ZIC

All day long, discover the newest sounds, presented by the team and renewed every week. The hottest music to come out.

Note well:

Since the web radio is offered world wide, consider the time difference when consulting the station’s schedule.

Faubourg Simone – Le Clip from Benoit Laporta / OURSICATE on Vimeo.

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