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Gayance’s debut EP ”No Toning Down” is her first step into the creative world as a music producer and songwriter. For her, it was time to stop toning down and telling her story through musical expression. All songs were made in full lockdown back in November 2020 from May 2020. She approached music through her favorite music genre: Broken beats, UK Garage and Bossa Nova.

We have always loved working with the Montreal DJ and can’t wait to repeat the experience! She is such an authentic artist, she makes people dance and shares her passion with her audience. We encourage you to pre-order her EP!


1. Meu Sol. feat. Maleika Tidjani & Dapapa
Is a collaboration between her old friend Maleika Tidjani. They’ve met back in 2012 in a record store where they both work afterwords. Gayance always loved to share music with Maleika, she sees her as her little Algerian sister. Together, they traveled to Brazil in 2017 and this song is about missing the countries of the south, it’s about femme solidarity.

2. Kinda Strange
Release not too long ago, ”Kinda Strange” was the first exploration of Gayance into UK Garage sounds which she is very inspired by in her DJ set as well. If you like this one, get to ”vocal mix” available on all platforms featuring KAYTA.

3. All My Friends Are Triggered
At the time when this song was made, that was one of the first songs that came to life. It’s an hommage to all her friends in her hometown and elsewhere who were depressed in lockdown times.

Listen to her music here:

Gayance / photo credit : Tess Roby

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