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Documentary Series – “Homogène”

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The documentary series HOMOGEN, directed by Isabelle Courville and co-produced by Kim Alex Larochelle, delivers an intimate portrait of the Quebec gay and lesbian community. More than two years since the beginning of the filming process, the series is now being unveiled, one episode per week until March.

LSTW is proud to partner up with HOMOGEN to promote such an important initiative in the hopes that the project can make a difference.

Homogen is an ambitious project led by a small team of individuals motivated by the powerful common desire to make a difference. As a unique concept, never-before-seen in Quebec, it presents 90 minutes of compelling characters, emotional personal stories merged with beautiful imagery, all of which is enveloped by a rich musical soundtrack by supporters such as Ariane Moffatt, Missy Higgins, City and Color, Groenland, Ingrid Michaelson and Geneviève Racette.


Nine episodes, nine characters, representative of a generation of homosexuals discuss the realities they face, from their « coming-out » to dealing with stereotypes, bullying and of course, finding love. HOMOGEN delivers an intimate portrait of the Quebec gay and lesbian community where youth, parents, allies and dissidents can find real answers to their questions, without shame, judgment or taboo. The series elevates the personal experience to a universal level. In fact, it makes a difference by showing that in the end, there is no difference, after all.

The series is now available on their website :

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To watch the trailer:

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