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NOWNESS has a video series on apartments it’s doing with Apartamento magazine, and in its eighth edition, JD Samson opens the doors of her Brooklyn home, complete with celebrity fists and a cat called Dirty.

JD Samson is a multidisciplinary artist who, with her band Le Tigre and her current music and live performance collective MEN, highlights queer and gender issues with a unique blend of punk-infused electro pop.

JD Samson is also the host of a Broadly channel report on the disappearance of lesbian bars, called “The Last Lesbian Bars” (see it here). She’s deeply involved in the community: politically engaged as a participator and not just as a music creator, JD Samson is constantly redefining the limits with her activism.

If you haven’t yet heard her music, check it out on her SoundCloud page..


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