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Sara Wren (she/her) is the Director of Artistry at Milk Makeup. In her role, she does all the makeup artistry and direction for our Milk Makeup global campaigns, educates the staff and field team on application methods, stars in the brand’s social media videos, and travels to different markets spreading Milk Makeup’s good vibes.

When she’s not on set, Sara loves experimenting with DIY hair colors, eating tacos, watching basketball, and scouring for vintage cosmetics to add to her impressive collection.


lstw: How to highlight like a pro! What is highlighter?

Sara Wren: Highlighter is makeup designed to reflect light with either pigments or hydrators to make your skin look more luminous. It gives you a glow in one step. It brings out cheekbones and creates a subtle or dramatic radiance to your skin.

lstw: Where/how to apply highlighter?

Sara Wren: The first rule of highlighter? There are no rules! And because there are so many ways to use it, learning how to apply highlighter isn’t exactly straightforward. The good news is you can learn how to highlight in the way that works best for you, whether you’re going for a more low-key glow or are dialing up the glam.

Applying highlighter to various areas of your face can emphasize certain features, from your brows to your cheekbones – if you love a glow, it’s a must for your makeup routine. There are plenty of ways to apply highlighter. You can use a brush (especially with cream and powder formulas), a makeup sponge, or even your fingers.

lstw: Can you suggest two eyeliner styles that aren’t the classic cat-eye?

Sara Wren: Absolutely! I have two looks that I love and are so easy to do! Let’s start with the Siren Eye look. This trend is all about sultry, sexy eye makeup. Siren eyes are characterized by tapering inner corner eyeliner to further accentuate a classic winged eyeliner look.

To get the look, I grab Infinity in Limitless to create a soft brown haze around my eyes, apply it in a winged shape on my inner and outer corners, and buff it in with the built-in smudger tool. I then trace over the outline with Infinity in Outer Space to add extra dimension, once again going in with the smudger to soften the effect. I give it extra drama with our KUSH Mascara, which enhances the siren shape, and that’s it!

Another favourite look is the Dot Eyeliner. Deceptively easy with a major wow factor, it’s no surprise that people love it. There are so many ways to experiment with this trend, but one of the most popular is to simply draw two dots in the center of your lower lash line (I use Infinity in Outer Space). Some people on TikTok even believe that a certain dot configuration can make people fall in love with you! Just have fun with it!

Milk Makeup is exclusively sold in stores and online at Sephora Canada.

For other great Milk Makeup tutorials and quizzes check out Milk Makeup’s website and blog at


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