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This interview is part of our partnership with MILK MAKEUP!


Sara Wren (she/her) is the Director of Artistry at Milk Makeup. In her role, she does all the makeup artistry and direction for our Milk Makeup global campaigns, educates the staff and field team on application methods, stars in the brand’s social media videos, and travels to different markets spreading Milk Makeup’s good vibes.

When she’s not on set, Sara loves experimenting with DIY hair colors, eating tacos, watching basketball, and scouring for vintage cosmetics to add to her impressive collection.

lstw: Your best advice on using a primer and a setting spray for a dewy look that lasts?

Sara Wren: A good primer and setting spray should bookend every beauty routine. While a hydrating primer preps, a hydrating setting spray adds that final layer of protection. It’s like the cherry on top of your makeup sundae. I recommend starting with our Hydro Grip Primer to hydrate the skin and prevent caking, and finishing with our Hydro Grip Set + Refresh Spray so skin stays glowy and makeup doesn’t melt or fade. Spritz it throughout the day for a bit of added moisture and glow!

lstw: When to Use Contour vs. Bronzer — and How to Do It

Sara Wren: Contouring is one of those trends that’s easier said (or demonstrated on TikTok) than done. For many, trying to determine the difference between contour vs. bronzer can be the first point of confusion—they do, after all, look really similar.

lstw: Where do I apply bronzer?

Sara Wren: Since you’re replicating a sunkissed look with bronzer, apply it wherever the sun naturally hits your face: on your forehead and on the tops of cheekbones. I also recommend smoothing any extra onto your neck and chest for all-over, just-got-back-from-the-beach color.

lstw: Where do I apply contour?

Sara Wren: Contour goes anywhere you have a natural shadow. Draw a line around your hairline, and buff out towards your hair. For a defined cheek, place it under your cheekbone—follow an imaginary line that runs from the corner of your mouth to your ear. I also recommend applying your contour along the underside of your jawline, bringing it all the way to the ear, and blending it well to make the area look sharper.

lstw: Can you use a bronzer to contour (and vice versa)?

Sara Wren: That’s not a good idea, since bronzer and contour do two different things. Use bronzer to create warmth in the skin, and use contour to create shadows and sculpt. However, you can (and should) learn how to use them together—they work great as a pair.

lstw: How to use bronzer and contour together

Sara Wren: The first rule to remember: Sculpt always comes first. This helps create the shape of your face and informs the best placement for bronzer, blush, and highlighter—in that order.

Milk Makeup is exclusively sold in stores and online at Sephora Canada

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