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Means of expression – Chloé Larouche

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Born and raised in Quebec, Chloé Larouche now lives under the warm sun of Los Angeles. She works as a personal trainer for private clients, artists and people in the entertainment business. She also choreographs synchronized swimming routines. This happily married girl lives in Echo park along with her wife Leah and their cat, Hunter. In a few words, she agreed to share with us her fashion take.

/ How would you describe your personal style?

I asked a friend to describe me and this is what came out: Versace butch queen x Italian sport dad. Aka lots of gold and sweat pants. People often ask me if I am a Baseball or a Soccer player which gives you a good hint of what my “style look like”. I am also fascinated with the golden age of bodybuilding (1970’s) which definitely comes through my style influence. I honestly kind of don’t care.

/ How would you describe your relation to fashion and clothes?

To be honest, I own too much clothes (and sneakers), but I end up wearing the same thing over and over again. I definitely have an emotional attachment to my sneakers which I keep no matter their state of use. Also, I wake up really early for work, so sometimes I just grab what is next to the bed and go.

/ Do you feel like your career influences your style?

Maybe if I would have stayed in Montreal. But, here in Los Angeles, everybody goes to work in sweat pants and soccer slides. I mean EVERYBODY. I have heard in the pass that I could dress in “tighter clothes” but I don’t think that I would be working with the people I do now if I was wearing head-to-toe Lulu Lemon. I dress in a way that I know my clients will feel comfortable to be around. I am not there to do a show and, as long as I can be low profile, that is perfect with me.

/ Do you feel like you have found your style or are you opened to evolution/change?

Born an Aries, I love change and I get bored easily… So there will be plenty more styles coming. At the same time, if I stay in LA and keep doing the same job, I might get stuck looking like a physical education teacher for the rest of my life. oh well…

/ What accessory can you not go without?

A black hat, it’s kind of part of my “uniform”. Unfortunately, it can get really hot in LA and I have really long hair. The hat serves as an excuse to not brush my hair, but also, to protect my face from the sun.

/ Which fashion brands are you into?

I don’t really pay attention to brands. As long as it fits, which is already a struggle, I’ll take it. Nike has everything I need. Although, I sometimes “cheat” with some Adidas. Also, because of what I do for a living, I need easy and comfortable clothes.

/ Who does the best t-shirt?

Any vintage t-shirts are going to be better than the ones that are produced now. Most of my favorite t-shirts were given to me by my parents or my wife. Anything beat up is gonna be my “go to”.

/ An inspiring fashion destination?

TOKYO!!! This city is the most inspiring and vibrant place. We can say anything we want about New York and Paris, but Tokyo has the best fashion, hands down!


This article is part of a series of interviews presenting a few of the faces that are a part of our communities and their relation to fashion. Our leitmotif for this series is: diversity, girl power and of course style.

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