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Otherly – short documentaries about belonging

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Premiering on Instagram Stories, Otherly is a series of seven short documentaries about finding one’s place in the 21st century. Using universal themes like love, inclusion, and loss as entry points, these seven creators have crafted films that are at once timeless and yet by definition of their form, ephemeral.

Geared towards Instagram users, Otherly amplifies perspectives from a group of underexposed creators, namely women, non-binary and genderqueer identifying folx. It’s especially poignant during this time of enforced social distancing that the films are presented on this platform, one of the few spaces in which we’re able to stay connected.

Their stories include one woman’s relationship with her grandfather (A Portrait of Tracy); a non-binary Indigiqueer exploring their heritage and identity (Love Is the First Sacred Lesson); a generation of Tamil youth who find freedom and community in their cars (Parked: Seeking Refuge in Our Cars); an interactive documentary about family, chosen and biological (FaceTime); an exploration of a groundbreaking therapy for PTSD (Integrate.Me); coming out and the unconditional love of siblings (Elaine Is Almost); and two women who spend their days in relative isolation (Papier Accordéon).

Using techniques ranging from experimental to live-action to animation, these films were produced specifically for Instagram and meant to be consumed on your phone. The transient quality of Instagram Stories is a direct juxtaposition to the lasting impression these stories will leave, a fact not lost on the filmmakers as they create the perfect blend of the medium and its message.

Otherly is a co-production between the National Film Board of Canada and POV Spark.

Visit their Instagram here :


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