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Safer Space for LGBTQ+ Youth

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L’Astérisk is a friendly, bilingual, non-commercial space where Lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, queer and questioning youth have access to information, services and a variety of activities. It is also a place where youth under 25 years old can find the support of an intervention teem and peer support. The space is also available on request for groups and LGBTQ+ youth organizations.

Like in the word trans*, the asterisk symbolizes the inclusion of all and for all, without limit or hierarchy of identities.

L’Astérisk is also a place which houses various youth organizations. Project 10, Jeunesse lambda and the Montreal Youth Coalition Against Homophobia have offices there. Together they are the romates of l’Astérisk….

L’Astérisk’s spokespersons – Judith Lussier & Kama LaMackerel

Judith Lussier is a journalist, columnist, author and blogger who focuses among others on gender issues and homosexuality.

Kama LaMackerel is a performance artist, poet, actor, dancer, choreographer and drag. In addition of being involved in many community project, Kama is also the the founder and host(ess) of GENDER B(L)ENDER: l’open stage queer.

* The term TRANS refers to transgender, transsexual, genderqueer or questioning.


1575 Amherst
Tel: 514-523-0977

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