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Sticky Rice launches its 2nd volume

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Launched a couple of days ago, the second volume of @StickyRiceMagazine, an online magazine with a mandate of increasing the visibility of Asian Canadian creators and stories in the media, will center exclusively on representing queer-identified Canadians of Asian descent.

During a time of unprecedented anti-Asian diaspora racism related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the volume aims to subvert stereotypes and narratives about Asian Canadians — taking experiences that context and culture have deemed alien and celebrating them as aspirational.

From essays to poetry to photography and video work, the volume includes 14 contributions from across Canada — each made by a different LGBTTQIA2S+ creator.

Moving away from cultural appropriation and towards cultural sharing, each volume of Sticky Rice will cover a different theme, with the first having addressed the Asian model minority myth.

For more information and to read Sticky Rice Vol. 2, (BE)LONGING: THE QUEER EDITION, please visit:

/Editor-in-Chief VIET TRAN @vvviet
/Creative Director OLIVIA CHAN @oliviachann
/Lead Volume Editor PHILIP MAK @PhilipMMak
/Assistant Editors KEVIN AH-SEN (@kevinahsen) SERENE MITCHELL @serenemitchell_ DIAMOND YAO; VIET TRAN @vvviet
/Project Manager HÉLÈNE TRAN @helene.tran
/Product Manager CATHY MA @mmmcathy
/Graphic Design SAMANTHA CHAN @wigglebone ATIMA NG OLIVIA CHAN @oliviachann
/Web Development DIANE KIM LIM @snakemama_ LINH LE KIM @linh.llk CORRINA CHOW @2d.girlfriend JULIE DUONG @tumiduong

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