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Jennifer Beals’ intimate take on The L Word

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Holiday season is knocking at our doors and we have some gift ideas for you. Let’s start with something we discovered a few years ago: Jennifer Beals’ photographic journal. While filming The L Word, she documented her experience on set. We ordered it online, curious to know more about the series’ universe.

As an anthology of the TV show, it contains not only beautiful photographs, it is punctuated by Jennifer’s memos and passages from the scenario, giving an exclusive look at what happened behind the scenes.

First created as a gift for the production team, the actress decided to share it with the fans.

“The L Word was a series, at first, about the community and for the community. A collective experience, with a team committed to the same message. I wanted to share the book with fans, share the unique experience that I had the chance to live.”

A few months after the launch, the book was discontinued, victim of its own success.


As well as a lot of never before seen footage from the set, The L Word Book dives into the intimacy of every women who were part of the now memorable project. The actresses comment and reveal interesting details about the filming.

Through Jennifer Beals’ eyes, the book delivers a truly touching piece of work. It’s well-constructed and relevant.

Some passages are filled with souvenirs and anecdotes:

“The Best First Day at Work Award goes to Sarah Shahi and Kate Moennig. On her first day of filming, Sarah met Kate and said, “It was like, ‘Sarah, Kate. Kate, Sarah. Kate, you’ll be going down on Sarah in the scene.”

One season after the other, Jennifer Beals highlights the most memorable scenes; from the basketball match to Angelica’s birth.

Due to a large demand, The L Word Book has been re-edited and is now available on itss official website!

To order online:

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