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Chris Bergeron presents the long-awaited sequel to the bestselling novel Valide, published in 2021.

This first opus won over both critics and the public in addition to being a finalist for prizes such as the Literary Prize for College Students and the Prize for Imaginary Horizons. A film adaptation is also in the works.

A year has passed since David was sabotaged by the 5%. A year marked by a fierce struggle aimed at preventing the resurgence of this artificial intelligence obsessed with the standardization of humanity. The objective being to preserve the diversity of human lives at all costs, Valide, born from the memories of Christelle and the power of David, seeks her place in this revolution that she believed to be somewhat her own. Faced with the risk of total formatting, they must turn to the stars.

Now anchored in the register of the cyber learning novel rather than in anticipatory autofiction, the author pushes her reflection even further on the complex dynamic between humanity and technology.

A novel that will not go unnoticed at a time when questions of gender identity are intertwined with important social issues.

About the author

Chris Bergeron is multiple, fluid: after her beginnings in journalism which led her to the management of the cultural weekly Voir, she put her artistic sensitivity at the service of the largest advertising agencies, occupying today the position of vice-president at Cossette. She also offers conferences on the themes of leadership, diversity, inclusion and trans rights.

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